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    We have a sash window in the kitchen of our Victorian House. Unfortunately the layout is such that we have to have the kitchen worktop running right across the window.

    The actual window sill is around 30cm below the worktop surface. The window frame is not flush with the wall – it protudes about 15cm either side of the window. The window does open but it is not used in practice.

    We have just removed the old kitchen left by the previous owners. The laminate surface had been cut to follow the frame and the window glass. This is the obvious solution but it looks a little scruffy and debris can fall off the back of the worktop onto the window sill below.

    We intend to use solid oak worktops. Does anyone have any other ideas of how we can cope with the window? Could we make it a feature? Could we have something below the worktop surface and above the sill? Any photos or pictures of how others have dealt with similar situations would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome to our Forum.
    The best solution I can arrive at and one that seemed to work well in the time I was installing would be to employ an upstand spanning the window anything up to 100mm in height.
    The interior well that is created will form a neat little plant area although not visible from the inside as much as the exterior, this method will prevent the debris problem.
    As for the frame protruding 15mm each side you would use a tenon saw to cut the required amount to fit the upstand flush to the wall but ensure the upstand depth is greater than 15mm as to install a slimmer upstand would spoil the finished look.




    I know I’m a bit late with this … 

    I usually try to incorporate a lower area below the window cill height – which can often be used as a window seat. Here’s one in a tiny Islington kitchen (only a CAD picture – it’s not fitted yet) … which is also under the mansard roof (and because it’s tiny it’s difficult to get a good view!):

    Of course, it’s not always possible to do this – if you need the worktop space at full height. I’m guessing there isn’t much space between the back of the worktop and the actual window. Could you get a shallow window box made in oak – and cut a space in the worktop for it, so that the window box sits against the window? That way, at least you can remove it to clean it.



    That is very nice looking picture. I hope I can get one of this for my kitchen. I hope it not so expensive to get one…



    Thank you for your comments but it takes more than a quick nod of approval to get a link back to your website.
    Majjie, who answered the last post has contributed to many posts here, has more than earned that exposure so I’m not ruling out the possibility of you doing similar and in time your contribution as a designer would be rewarded with your very own link.
    So let’s here that valuable design advice Jennifer. There are many posts here that would welcome your input I’m sure.

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