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Corian Worktops The most popular acrylic stone surface in the world and for good reason. People choose Corian for the unparallelled regulation and governance of it's installation corian worktops exampleand fabrication as well as it's reputation as the world's best quality seamless acrylic surface. No other Solid Surface comes close to matching Corian and here at TFI we are making Corian quality more affordable than you might think. Offering seamless joints and integrated sinks, Corian can be fully repaired if damaged.

Corian Worktops sourced via TFI are installed in collaboration with our "NETWORK APPROVED CORIAN FABRICATOR"


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Silestone Worktops Quartz engineered stone worktops that incorporate anti-bacterial compound and available in leather look finishes.Silestone worktopsSilestone Blanco Zeusare available in a wide ranging colour palette and are popular with specifiers looking for vibrant colours and varied textures. Silestone textured finishes such as Leather, Volcano and the recently introduced Suede, can be applied to a number of colours in the vast Silestone range,




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Caesarstone Quartz Worktops Caesarstone is the original quartz engineered stone worktop and is available in a wide Caesarstone worktopspallette of colours and textures. As with all quality quartz surfaces, it is non-porous and comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.




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Granite Worktops Sensa Granite Worktops are a revolutionary maintenance free granite offered by Cosentino, manufacturers of Silestone. Sensa Granite Granite worktopsarrives with a 15 year stain warranty and is protected by SenGuard, a groundbreaking sealant applied during the manufacturing process. Suitable for outdoor use when subject to regular cleaning conditions, SenSa is the first granite to be offered on the TFI websites.




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Compac Worktops offer an exciting and vibrant range of colurs that rival any of the better known surfaces at a more affordable cost. The only quartz Compac Quartz Worktopsmanufacturer to offer a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects, we consider it a gem in our collection.




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How do we differ from other websites offering Corian and Quartz kitchen worktops?


Simple, we have been working in this industry for over 30 years and because of our extensive knowledge of the worktops we sell, we only offer the best quality worktops. No cheap imitations and nothing we don't consider worthy of being labelled a true quartz or Solid Surface.

Corian, Compac, Silestone, Caesarstone and Sensa Grantie are among the surfaces we sell and install and all are offered at the best prices in the UK. At T Foley Interiors it is always our aim to make these worktops more affordable than you might think and now we have because the prices you achieve are direct from the fabricator without further mark up. If you have already received a worktop quote why not challenge us to beat it. TFI work in close partnership with nationally recognised and established fabricators who enjoy an excellent reputation for their high standard of service and workmanship.

Why choose TFI for your Kitchen Worktop?


We are not the only online provider of Kitchen Worktops - there are dozens of companies who can source your worktop for you and some will even provide a cheaper quote than we can but we'd wager our quality of workmanship and customer service are unrivaled. Because we were originally founded as a free resource and information guide for the kitchen consumer in 1999 - our ethos remains and we are happy to provide, without charge, a Quote Comparison Check for you if you are in any doubt that another provider seems "too good to be true". When you commission us - you commission a team headed by Tim Foley the founder of this website who still ensures that our free information ethos takes precedence over our commercial arm.

You can chat online with Tim Foley or leave him a message on his blogspot which contains more detailed information on the worktops we offer as well as valuable advice and inspiration for a kitchen buyers. It's important to remember that we operate unike any other online worktop providers in a way that offers greater assurances and benefits to our buyers. Contact us to find out how our unique business framework can help you.

A quick guide to solid worktops

Solid worktops can be a little confusing, since every time you look there seems to be another name, another material, another way of doing things. If you're looking for solid surface worktops or stone worktops, what should you be aware of, and how should you choose between the various options available?
From acrylic to granite, from quartz to stainless steel, if you want a solid worktop there are plenty of materials and choices, but should you select your kitchen worktop on the basis of cost, durability, versatility or appearance? The truth is that everyone's circumstances will be slightly different. You may have more budget than someone else, but be less ruthless when working in your kitchen. You may have a fairly conservative approach to interior design, or be looking to create a unique and stunning design which will be a showstopper. Depending upon your personal needs and wishes there are several aspects to consider, and this is the best way to start considering which type of solid worktop surface is going to be most suitable for you.

Acrylic solid worktops

Acrylic solid worktops have been gaining in popularity steadily, and are now the best selling of all solid worktops. There are several brands available, the most commonly known being Corian. The benefits of Corian worktops include the fact that it can be thermoformed, cut, moulded and fashioned into almost any shape or layout you wish. The end result is a worktop with no seams or joins, offering improved appearance and improved hygiene, It's often those seams and joins which can start to fray and tear over time, leading to wonderful breeding grounds for bacteria, as well as looking unsightly. Corian solid worktops will offer a seamless surface
that will last for years.
It's worth pointing out that there are many alternatives to Corian, and by all means explore them. However, although the price may seem to weigh in favour of some of the alternatives to Corian, it should be pointed out that this is invariably due to the fact that the solid core inside the work surface is very much thinner. This can lead to cracking, damage or distortion, particularly if your kitchen worktop is likely to see some hard work, bangs, knocks and heavy pans.
Corian offers a solid, thick core which adds tremendous durability and strength, allowing you to have the surface modelled and fashioned in ways not possible, or not recommended, with materials that have a very thin core. For example, consider the benefits of having drainage grooves in your work surface - but then realise that drainage grooves mean an even thinner surface, and less strength.
With Corian worktops the strength is there, and because they're fitted by an approved network of Corian fitters, you know the job will be well done.

Quartz worktops

Quartz solid kitchen worktops are really gaining in popularity, and offer tremendous strength combined with a consistent, sparkly finish. Quartz is a non-porous material, offering strength, durability and improved hygiene. Silestone® quartz worktops have the added advantage of having MicroBan anti-bacterial agents embedded into the material. The very word 'quartz' means hard, and with the range of colours available, it represents an ideal material for solid surface worktops. Although quartz worktops offer the same smooth, shiny sheen that granite provides, and although quartz offers a non-porous surface too, quartz is naturally non-porous, whereas granite needs to be sealed.

Granite worktops

Granite is of course a natural material, and so offers a unique appearance. Granite varies in colour, shade and pattern, even across work surfaces, so that no two worktops will be identical. This is part of the appeal of granite worktops, although it's important to bear in mind that because it is natural, it may contain small pits, cracks or natural fissures, all of which add to the charm of having a natural material in the kitchen. In view of this it is necessary to ensure that granite hard worktops are sealed completely.
There have been some concerns from people who have discovered black or dark coloured granite worktops start to fade after a while.
It is important to be aware that granite cannot fade - ever! If black or dark granite tops are starting to fade then this will be because an unscrupulous dealer has dyed the surface. You can test this by pouring a little vinegar or lemon juice on the surface and rubbing with a cloth. If there is any fading, then the granite has been doctored.

Stainless steel worktops

Generally considered to be one of the most hygienic solutions, and easy to clean, stainless steel hard worktops have been the preferred choice in many commercial kitchens. However, it has also been gaining in popularity within private homes too, and when coupled with natural wood cabinets and features it can look very striking and modern.


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