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We believe that our range of Prestige Quartz Worktops are the most affordable and most cost effective engineered stones in the UK. Offering you great savings on the most popular colours available and coming with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee as with all kitchen worktops offered by TFI.

The benefits to you the customer are, a substantial saving in comparison to other quartz surfaces and the most popular and innovative choice of colours.

Prestige Quartz offers exceptional value for money for a range of premium quality quartz surfaces. Manufacturing properties are, like other Quartz Worktops we offer, 93% quartz combined with high-end polymers and pigments.

All materials have an exquisite polished appearance for ease of maintenance. The range currently comprises 12 of the most popular quartz colours, allowing it to be extremely competitive on price. The Sparkly Mirror range is the ever-popular mirror fleck (sparkly) quartz, whilst the Plain Colour range includes Plain Black and Pure White. Comlpleting the range we have patterned effects in the most popular finishes

The benefits of quartz worktops

Quartz worktops, or engineered stone worktops have long been a popular choice, and are currently seeing an increase in this popularity. Quartz offers the twin benefits of being a natural material, as well as one that can provide a wide range of designs, tones, colours and styles. Offering strength and a natural non-porous surface, quartz worktops represent an ideal, long-lasting, natural kitchen worktop that will provide many years of hard wear and usage.
Quartz is a natural material, and has long been used in a wide range of applications, from kitchen worktops to watches, from jewellery to objets d'art. One of its properties is its strength, and in fact the very word 'quartz' is Slavic for 'hard'. On the scale of hardness used in determining and comparing materials, quartz ranks 7, with diamond at 10. Without doubt quartz is an especially strong and durable material - an important consideration in a kitchen.
Our kitchens come in for some pretty rough usage, with everything thrown at them from heavy, hot casserole dishes to
saucepans slammed down in a hurry, boiling water, oil and fat spitting away whilst acidic materials such as lemon juice and vinegar are in direct contact with the surface. Sharp edged knives slice away, and scalding liquids spray across the worktop.
Without doubt kitchen worktops need to be hardy and tough. This is why more and more people are turning to quartz, to add style to their kitchen, whilst making sure it's thoroughly backed up by rugged durability and resilience.

The advantages of quartz worktops

Many kitchen worktops need to be covered, sealed or protected in some way, and this can often be their weakness. If you have ever had kitchen worktops which have been covered with a veneer finish, you may have experienced the tearing, cracking and peeling away which tends to happen around the edges and at the seams. This is another benefit of quartz, because it is a naturally non-porous material. No finish is necessary, ensuring that no absorption of liquid or colour can affect the strength, durability or appearance of quartz worktops.
Quartz worktops are typically made from a combination of at least 93% quartz crystals, with the remainder being comprised of resin binders and pigments. This gives quartz worktops their strength, and also the way in which they are able to retain a natural crystalline effect.
But there are many additional effects which can be achieved with quartz. In addition to using pigments to change the colouring of the worktop it is also possible to create sparkly effects using mirror flecks, and also a metallic effect which has only fairly recently become possible, and which is proving very popular. The starburst sparkly finish is one of the best selling quartz worktop effects, and creates a beautiful sheen, whereas the metallic appearance is perfect for those kitchens which have a modern or contemporary feel.

The versatility of quartz worktops

One of the features of quartz is the many ways in which it can be adapted this way to suit almost any kitchen. For more
traditional kitchens a natural quartz finish is ideal. The strength is provided, and the natural non-porous attribute, but also the natural appearance of the material. Yet with just a change of pigment or the inclusion of the mirror flecks the quartz worktop can be created to suit even the most modern and chic kitchen.
It's important to have a clear idea of the general style of your kitchen before deciding on the colour and style of worktop. It's sometimes easy to overlook the fact that kitchen worktops contribute considerably to the overall feel and look of a kitchen. For one thing, they cover a significant proportion of the kitchen area, but they are also a focal point. People look at the surfaces, and see the items placed on them. They don't generally look as much at your splash backs, wall tiles or freezer door. The worktops can really help to bring a kitchen design together, and so knowing what that overall look you're trying to achieve is will help to ensure that the quartz worktops successfully help to bind the style into a room that's as unique as your cooking.
With a dozen different colours, a range of effects and a generous thickness of 30mm, quartz worktops offer tremendous value and affordability, as well as durability, resilience, a natural non-porous and hygiene benefit, not to mention the style and good looks. If you're looking for a hard working, hard surface kitchen worktop, then one of the many quartz worktops we have available may very well be the key to helping bring your kitchen look, style and functionality together.

Prestige Quartz - another example of TFI affordable. quality

Feedback from customers confirms that we consistently and substantially undercut rival worktop quotes. Such is our confidence in this that if you already have a quote from another company and you send it to us by fax or email - we are convinced that we can issue a lower quote on a "like for like" basis. All we ask is that you send a bona fide quote by fax to 0871 210 2006 or by email to info@kitchensfitted.co.uk

Applications that are most applicable for Prestige Quartz worktops include:

Quartz kitchen worktops, Quartz worktops for bars, Quartz worktops for restaurants, Quartz surfaces for hospitals, iQuartz worktops for hospitals and of course Quartz worktops for new build houses and apartments. In the kitchen Prestige Quartz worktops are available in the most popular choice of colours and are among the most affordable quartz surfaces available in the UK