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As the most popular colours of Quartz are those with the mirror fleck finishes, otherwise known as sparkly finishes, we are offering you, our visitors a chance to purchase these at the most affordable cost in the UK, so request a quote and get the best bargain available on bespoke worktops.

Silestone Stellar Mirror Fleck Range


Silestone Kitchen Worktop - Stellar Rojo - Stellar Series
Stellar Rojo
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Silestone Kitchen Worktop - Stellar Blanco - Stellar Series
Stellar Blanco
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Silestone Kitchen Worktop - Stellar Eros - Stellar Series
Stellar Eros
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Silestone Kitchen Worktop - Stellar Marina - Stellar Series
Stellar Marina
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Silestone Kitchen Worktop - Stellar Negro - Stellar Series
Stellar Negro
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Choose one of our Luxore Quartz Mirror Fleck colours


Luxore Worktops -Diamond Black

Luxore Diamond Black
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Luore Worktops - Diamond Fire
Luxore Diamond Fire
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Luxore Worktops - Diamond Steel
Luxore Diamond Pearl
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Luxore Worktop - Diamond Bright
Luxore Diamond Bright
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Luxore Worktops - Diamond Sky

Luxore Diamond Sky
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Luxore Worktops - Diamond Steel
Luxore Diamond Steel
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Luxore Worktops - Diamond Storm
Luxore Diamond Storm
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What do we mean by cheap kitchen worktops?

Cheap kitchen worktops are not about compromise, they're about common sense. Cheap worktops represent the bulk of the market, and with a wide range of kitchen worktops available there's bound to be a style to suit your existing kitchen, or the kitchen you're planning on having installed.
When it comes to cheap kitchen worktops, discount prices doesn't mean surfaces that can't cope with the rigours of the modern kitchen. Kitchens are places where work takes place, where large heavy casserole dishes are slammed down during another hectic dinner, sharp kitchen knives slice away merrily, scalding steam, boiling water, spitting oil and fat - the list goes on of ways in which kitchen worktops need to be resilient and durable enough to cope.
Our kitchens are no longer just places where the designated cook powers through assembling a half dozen courses whilst the guests rest in sublime comfort, peacefully enjoying the tranquillity of the dining room. Today our kitchens are often the hub of our homes, where much more takes place. Increasingly they're becoming places where we sit and relax with a coffee and a magazine, where we entertain friends who pop round. Perhaps you have children who enjoy painting, playing with dough or working through their maths homework whilst you prepare tea.
It might even be possible that you have a kitchen large enough to entertain friends at a dinner party, or have a kitchen-cumdining room. In all these cases the kitchen has to serve a multitude of purposes, and it's important that when operating within a budget you choose cheap kitchen worktops which can keep up with 21st century family demands. There's no point looking for kitchen worktop discount prices if they can't cope with the heat.

But cheap kitchen worktops aren't just about durability

But there's another side to cheap worktops as well, because whilst it's entirely understandable that your kitchen worktops will need to keep up with the pace of life in today's busy household, it's also important that worktops look good as well. After all, when it was only the cook who saw the kitchen, the colour and style of the worktops may have been considered less important than today, when our kitchens are such a focal point of our homes, and under observation by almost everyone who visits.
So when choosing cheap kitchen worktops it's essential to balance these two aspects, looking for kitchen worktops which are solid and durable, able to withstand the rigours of scalding temperatures, razor sharp knives and enthusiastically deposited dishes, as well as worktops with style.
Fitted kitchens have introduced a whole new concept in kitchen design, and although we think relatively little of it these days, it wasn't all that long ago that interior design would barely give much more than a passing thought to the kitchen. It was almost like suggesting you think carefully about the design and decor of your pantry or larder. But today we consider the kitchen a much more important feature within our home, and deserving great style and appearance.

Cheap kitchen worktops styles

There's a tremendous range of cheap worktops, in styles and colours so varied that whatever the decor and design of your kitchen, there will certainly be at least one or two available styles which would be perfect. However, when looking at kitchen worktops it's important to consider the impact they will have on the overall finished design. Looking around your kitchen it's important to appreciate just how many surfaces you have. If you have a small kitchen you may find that having a bright colour such as a red or a citrus coloured worktop may be dominating. Dark colours and styles may make the kitchen seem smaller.
For larger kitchens the use of dark kitchen surfaces can help pull the whole room together and make it feel inviting. But for the avid style enthusiast who is looking to make a bold statement, or is looking at creating a modern, contemporary or minimalist kitchen, a crisp, clean and vibrant hue may be the perfect way to make your cheap kitchen worktops work hard, not just in helping you prepare the meals, but in generating a visual impact which adds tremendous style to your kitchen.
From marble effects to sparkly mirror chip kitchen worktops, and from ebony black to Amarillo yellow, the choices are there. By considering the size and layout of your kitchen, the range of uses it will experience as the hub of your family home, the durability and resilience necessary to cope with your cooking style, and the colour and style that will help lift your kitchen out of the gravy and into the 21st century, you'll find that cheap kitchen worktops are about having plenty of options