Kitchen Units Protection

Kitchen Units protectionI’ve just come off a call with yet another member of the kitchen buying public wanting to know where he can purchase our Unitsaver.

As with all enquiries for the Unitsaver I have to tell customers that it is not yet available to the buying public.

This particular customer is going into the store he purchased the kitchen from and is taking a print off image to show the manager what a great invention it is and said he will encourage the store to speak with me regarding offering the product.

I won’t hold my breath though – why? Because the muppets I’ve already spoken with from some of the well known High St stores over the years didn’t understand the concept or the value it would add to them as a cabinet supplier.

It’s simple enough – sinks leak from time to time, whether from the tap or the waste – cabinets are manufactured from melamine faced chipboard.

In the form of an equation it would look a little like this – water + chipboard = cabinet reduced to soggy weetabix.

Given that the most likely place leaks will occur are the cabinets that house a sink or basin, which is the only cabinet that cannot be renewed without removing the worktops? Yes, the sink cabinet.

My attempts to get the product on the market some years ago were shelved because those I did contact, including B&Q, seemed to employ managers who didn’t understand the product category they were put in charge of and trying to convey the invention was akin to me speaking Swahili and in desperate need of a translator.

I gave up at the time but who knows, things may have changed and if some kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturer out there wants to step up their offrerings from the opposition then give me a call. I and a huge number of the kitchensfitted visitors think it’s a great invention that will potentially save them a substantial bill.

My suspicions are though, that offering product longevity may mean a diminishing profit for manufacturers keen to see their buyers returning to purchase new cabinets but that just the eternal sceptic in me.

If a cabinet manufacturer out there wants to become a pioneer however, then I will commit to a great deal that will also include promotion on our website for the Foley Unitsaver.


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